Golfer hits pin for Aston Martin (Video)!

How close can you get?! Golfer Sue Carling almost walked away with a £155,000 Aston Martin DB9 GT when she shaved the 9th hole at The Make A Difference Leadership Foundation’s 13th Annual Golf Classic and Banquet Dinner on the 1st of September 2016.

Whilst a few came close to landing the main prize, none came closer than Sue. With perfect golf conditions and the Aston Martin up for grabs Sue took her shot, firing the ball through the air with exact precision. When the ball hit the pin and dropped straight down a hole in one seemed possible… until the ball skirted the rim of the hole and bounced to roll a few agonising inches away!

A member of the Worldwide Hole ‘N One Team was there to video this near miss… watch the footage using the link below!

Golfer hits pin for Aston Martin (Video)!

This golf day was hosted at The Manor House Golf and Hotel by the Make A Difference Leadership (MAD) Foundation’s 13th Annual Classic and Banquet Dinner, with the Aston Martin courtesy of H. R. Owen. The main prize hole was the 9th hole at 183 yards for men and 162 yards for ladies. Worldwide Hole N’ One provided the prize indemnity insurance for the day, with our great ancillary prizes also up for grabs on the other par 3 holes on the course!

16th May 2018

Golf Sixes Success

Golf Sixes was a step into the unknown for Worldwide Hole ‘n One, but it didn’t take long for us to realize what a fantastic, enjoyable, exciting event we were a part of. From the booming introductions on the first tee, to the gasps and cheers on the 5th green – the entire weekend had an air of excitement, really showcasing what Golf has to offer.

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